December 9, 2017

2017-18: Week 15

A Solon Salute to Sadie Chase-Tatko, Evie Caserta, Mary Margaret Page, Nadia Scoppettone, and Emma Harter for volunteering to sing carols at Westview Meadows residence.
Photo and Salute from Ms. McLane

A hearty Solon Salute to the 43 MHS PLAY Mentors who, over the past few weeks, began meeting with mentees from MSMS and UES Wednesday mornings before school. Your willingness to share your time and energy is awesome and inspiring. We salute you!
Photos and Salute from Ms. Loveless

A Solon Salute to Samir Drljacic and Nick Colwell who spent Monday morning at the Agency of Education for the 2017 Hour of Code. They used code that they had written in class to show state representatives and agency employees what students at MHS are currently working on. Samir and Nick represented our class and our school well!
Photos and Salute from Ms. Machnik

A Solon Salute to all of the students who starred in, directed, managed, and supported the 5 one act plays over the week. Great job everyone! 
A Solon Salute to all of the students and faculty who participated in the end of the season Unified Sports Bowling Solons event this past Thursday. A great time for all!
Photos by Matt McLane

A Solon Salute to the MHS Scholars' Bowl Team at the recent Pre-Holiday Academic Tournament held at Essex High School. The Montpelier A team was led by top scorer Graham Janson with 205 points on the day, followed by Matt Koucky (190), Asa Richardson-Skinder (175), first year player Julian Stoller (115), and Clayton Winters (80). These players went 5-3 defeating teams from Burlington, South Burlington, and Mt. Mansfield, among others. The Montpelier B team, which went 4-4 on the day was led by Anders Shenholm with 195 points, followed by Henry Jones (170), Hayden Stumpff, another first year player (115), Henry Valentine (60), and Cole Bingham (50). Falling to Montpelier B were teams from Essex, Rice, Mt. Mansfield, and Crown Point, NY. Our next competition will be January 5 at Champlain Valley Union.
Photo and Salute from Coach Mr. Tillotson

A big Solon Salute to the following students for taking time out of their busy lives to spend two days at the Lake Morey Resort, helping make the first ever Youth Climate Leaders Academy a huge success. They attended numerous workshops and training sessions designed to provide the knowledge and to teach the skills necessary for them to carry out climate-related projects at their respective schools. Our MHS representatives were leaders among the leaders! Thanks to Machlan Pettersen, Grace Valentine, Asa Richardson-Skinder, Liam Mears, Isabelle Francke, Avery Paull, Lila Markow, Josie Gingold, Violet Tabacco, Brynn Bushey, Maple Perchlik and Emily Sheftman.
Photo and Salute from Mr. Sabo
A Solon Salute this week from Flexible Pathways: Junior Sidney Ordway designed her fall semester independent study around her passion for and interest in drawing. Each green day Sidney arrives in the Flexible Pathways room and dives immediately into her sketch book! Her marking periods one and two drawings currently adorn and brighten up the space; visitors are welcome anytime to tour the "gallery." Sidney, for the engagement you show weekly in your independent study and for what you add to the Flexible Pathways space with your presence and your drawings, we salute you!
Photos and Salute from Ms. DiLena

A Solon Salute to Rory Hynes and Henry Valentine for the thoughtful pick-me-up candy bar gift for Jen Wall Howard after a long day of covering as a sub in multiple rooms and so much more. Thanks Rory and Henry!

  • Solon Sauce: Our own MHS produced hot sauce is now on sale. Pick up a bottle in the main office for $7!