January 12, 2019

2018-19: Week 21

Reminder that this Tuesday is the start of our Semester 1 Re-Take Week. If you have questions please contact your teachers, TA, administration, or school counselor. 

A Solon Salute to Boys' Basketball Time for the Friday night win! Time Argus Article

A Solon Salute to Girls' Basketball Team who won their game against Stowe this week as well. Click here to read the Times Argus piece on that game.
Photo from the 1/12/19 game versus Hazen at MHS via @MHS_Solons
  • Water Safety: To view an update from our district regarding some extra precautions that are being taken to ensure safe drinking water, please read the following: Water Safety Letter.
  • CVCC: To view details about how you can participate in a "Re-Visioning" community forum for our Central Vermont Career Center please read the following: CVCC Community Forum Announcement.
  • 3Squares VT Benefits: Please click the following link for important information regarding a 1.15.19 deadline for new applications and recertification for 3Squares Benefits Deadline. Note that if there is anything MHS can do to support your family or any family impacted by the partial government shutdown, do not hesitate to contact guidance and/or administration. 
  • Jan 14: End of Marking Period 4
  • Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day (no school)
  • Jan 22: Day One of Semester 2 & Marking Period 5 
  • Jan 23: Rescheduled CVCC Shadow Day
  • Jan 29: Whole School Assembly during Solon Block to Introduce Activities for 2019 Black History Month 

January 5, 2019

2018-19: Week 20

A Solon Salute to Zoey Dubois who was nominated for the Burlington Free Press Athlete of the Week. Congratulations Zoey. You've got our vote! The nomination: "Zoey Dubois, Montpelier gymnastics: In a home duel meet vs. powerhouse Essex, Dubois won floor (9.2) and finished second in vault (8.65) to claim all-around honors with a score 33.05. Dubois finished 10th in the all-around at last year's state championships."

A Solon Salute to Lily Fournier and Ian Keene, for their recent appointments by the Montpelier City Council, to seats on the city's Historic Preservation Committee and the Conservation Committee respectively. Their appointments through the new Solons on Boards initiative demonstrates their growing interest in taking part in the democratic processes of our government. Nice work, Lily and Ian.

A Solon Salute to Eve Taylor, Sharon Boateng, Mandy Abu-Aziz, Vega Rodriguez Sanchez and Izzy Maine-Torres for giving up a day of vacation to volunteer at the Aldrich Library moving furniture and books. Your dedication to helping others is really appreciated!

A Solon Salute to poet Lizzy Fox. In collaboration with the Montpelier High School Wellness Initiative and through the generous support of a Vermont Arts Council Artist in Schools grant, she joined Julie Morton's and John Bate's English 9 classes right before break. She taught poetry as a means of exploring sensory language and observing the present moment. They also practiced reading their poetry aloud. Thanks Lizzy! 
  • Jan 14: End of Marking Period 4
  • Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day (no school)
  • Jan 22: Day One of Semester 2 & Marking Period 5  

January 1, 2019

2018-19: Week 19

Happy New Year MHS!

A Solon Salute to all of the MHS Athletes recently named in the Times Argus article, "Montpelier Athletes Excel At The Next Level". The article details the high number of MHS students who have gone on to great athletic careers in the olympics and division one collegiate competition. Check it out! 

A Solon Salute to Isaak Donahue who helped to clean up a lot of garbage after a girls' basketball game before break. This makes a big positive difference and shows pride in your school. Thanks Isaak! (From Matt Link)

This is a great time of year to come out and show your support for our Winter Solon Athletes! Be sure to check out the Athletic Schedule, and follow Athletic Director, Matt Link, on Twitter. Here are a couple of recent highlights. 

  • Jan 2: Return from Break
  • Jan 14: End of Marking Period 4
  • Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day (no school)
  • Jan 22: Day One of Semester 2 & Marking Period 5  

December 21, 2018

2018-19: Week 18

A Solon Salute to the MHS Debate Team who hosted a state wide Forensics and Debate Tournament on December 15th, with 11 schools and over 100 students present. Our school participated with 5 debate teams including Noam Hessler, Andi Dates, Sonya Sagan-Dworsky, Sophia Clark, Sina Fallahi, Sharvesh Sharma, Violet Tabacco, Neil Rohan, Kayl Humke, and Basil Humke. Congratulations to Violet Tabacco and Basil Humke who placed second overall team.

A Solon Salute to the MHS students who participated in an overnight hiking trip with MHS WILD last weekend!

A Solon Salute to the 9th grade PE class who helped to "take care of the place" recently. Over the weekend, the gym floor had gotten covered in shoe scuff marks and the custodians were going to have the challenge of hand scrubbing them off. Instead, this class agreed to help and use it as a warm-up activity. Lots of towels, and within 10 minutes they were done. It was great to see them want to step up to help. Thanks! (From Mr. Gallagher). 

  • Dec. 24-Jan 2: December Break 
  • Jan 14: End of Marking Period 4
  • Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day (no school)
  • Jan 22: Day One of Semester 2 & Marking Period 5  

December 15, 2018

2018-19: Week 17

A Solon Salute to senior Chloe Schiff who was named the Times Argus Girls Soccer Player of the Year. Congratulations Chloe! 
Click to View Article
A Solon Salute to Erin Kelly and Eliana Moorhead for connecting their interests and passions to their respective ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) plans and experiences. Nice work! 
Eliana's recently submitted ELO plan/experience she connected her growing passions for astronomy with an EdX course that she is taking as a way to demonstrate her abilities in LE 5.1 - Persistence.
Erin's ELO plan/experience connected her natural co-curricular involvement in the Gender and Sexuality Alliance to LE 6.2 - Contribution and Service.
A Solon Salute to the generous and caring individuals at Vermont Mutual, Bear Pond Books, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Central Vermont Medical Center for allowing our computer science students into their businesses for a video project on the use of technology in local businesses. A huge thank you as well to Bill Laidlaw for helping with transportation and Sue Monmaney for organizing the video equipment. (From Ms. Machnik) 

A Solon Salute the Bowlin' Solons! Unified Bowling had their annual round of fun bowling with staff members this week. A good time was had by all. Thank you Matt McLane and Nancy Fitzpatrick for helping to organize the fun.

A Solon Salute to Lissa Knauss and Wellness Ambassadors Lily Gingold, Irene Diaz-Perez, Eliana Moorhead, Luke Hawley, Ruby Bryant, Hunter Dutton, and Gavin Corbett-Valade for their work on the first Mindful Minute newsletter that is now found on bathroom stalls throughout the school. Additional thanks to Randi Carpenter for creating the newsletter's graphic designs. At a time of year when stress is often on the rise, these newsletters bring a welcome reminder to stop, be mindful in the moment, and breath.

A Solon Salute to Anders Shenholm, Luke Hawley, Jason Tomasi, Aidan Murphy, Charlie Watson, Ethan Rubin, Mei Dwyer-Frattalone, Eleanor Braun, Apollonia Tobacco, Liam Hecht, JoJo Mensah, Sarvesh Sharma. Your support for each other, commitment, grit and perseverance in completing the 14 week Winter Solon Strength program deserves character defining recognition. Character defining moments are those points, those moments, experiences or events in our lives that coalesce and shape us into who we are at our cores. It goes without saying that there are abundant and diverse opportunities for MHS students to experience character defining moments.
Solon Spiritwear
Spiritwear makes a perfect gift! Check out the new styles and easy online ordering system. Thank you for supporting Montpelier High School! Click here to browse and order

  • Dec. 20th: Central Vermont Career Center Presentation 1:30 to 2:15 in the Auditorium: Any interested students and all 10th graders will attend. 
  • December Break: Dec. 24 to Jan 2 

December 8, 2018

2018-19: Week 16

A Solon Salute to all of the students and faculty who put on the musical this week. Wow! What a fantastic show. Thank you Kianna Bromley, and Molly Clark for their leadership and thank you to all of the hard-working students that made this production so wonderful! (Short Video Clip) 
Photo by Adam Blair

A Solon Salute to registrar Nancy Fitzpatrick who saw an injured grosbeak in the tree near the flagpole. After school she masterfully captured the frightened and injured bird and later brought it to Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences(VINS) where they will help nurse it back to health. Way to go Nancy, even wise owls can help scared grosbeaks (From Myles and Val) 

A Solon Salute goes out to Paul Perley and Simon Moon. This semester, Simon is exploring the profession of a Luthier. Paul Perley, owner of Paul Perley Cellos, has graciously offered his time, energy and expertise to support Simon's aspirations. One of Simon's learning goals is to restore a Cello that will be donated back to the MHS Music Department. Nice work Simon!

A Solon Salute to Carly King for demonstrating the two outstanding Habits of Learning, persistence and perseverance as she has been working on her PSS Summative. She is also demonstrating questioning and working very hard at succeeding with her Look at the Maya Project. Well done Carly! (From Mr. Chater)

A Solon Salute to our local ExxonMobil for nominating Montpelier High School for a generous $500 gift. On December 3, MHS received an ExxonMobil Educational Grant to be used to support the areas of Math and Science. Thank you!

A Solon Salute to the MHS Honor Choir who sang for the raising of Ceres last week. VTDigger had this nice photo of the group. 

Solon Spiritwear
Spiritwear makes a perfect gift! Check out the new styles and easy online ordering system. Thank you for supporting Montpelier High School! Click here to browse and order

  • Dec. 20th: Central Vermont Career Center Presentation 1:30 to 2:15 in the Auditorium: Any interested students and all 10th graders will attend. 
    • December Break: Dec. 24 to Jan 2 

    December 2, 2018

    2018-19: Week 15

    A Solon Salute to all of the Project Grad team members for their work to host Saturday Night's Winter Ball. A Salute to new project grad advisors Andrew Schumer and Molly Clark and to senior Izzy Banse who DJ'ed the event. Thank you to all of the faculty and parent/guardian chaperones as well!
    Thanks Erin, Nadia, Judith, Apollonia, Evie, Emma, and Siiri! 

    A Solon Salute to the new Ceres statue! Our MHS honor choir had the chance to help with the ceremony that was held at the statehouse on Friday to honor the raising of the newest Ceres statute. Several MHS students were able to attend as well. Many of us had a nice view of the 14 foot statue going up from out the window at school too.
    UES teacher Melissa Pierce and her 4th grade class
    Many MHS students were able to attend
    Checking out the view from school

    A Solon Salute and Congratulations to Sonya Sagan-Dworsky and Neil Rohan who placed third out of 28 teams at the Colchester Debate Tournament. Also Violet Tabacco placed 4th overall individual speaker out of 52 students and Neil Rohan placed 6th overall individual place. Basil Humke who joined our team last year from U32 placed third overall individual speaker at the Woodstock tournament two weeks ago. These students and all their team mates are all first or second year debaters. Debating is a skills that takes a growth mindset and it can take a few years to master. They absolutely rock!!!!
    A Solon Salute to the MHS Kitchen Staff. Our honor choir arrived later than expected from the Ceres ceremony and had missed lunch. After having cleaned up and nearly ready to head home for the weekend, the staff reopened the kitchen for the honor choir to get a chance to grab some pizza and salad. Thank you! 


    • Dec. 5th: Reminder that Wednesday will be a White Day.
    • Dec. 6-8, Fall Musical Production: Once on This Island
    Poster design by senior Randi Carpenter

    November 24, 2018

    2018-19: Week 14

    A Solon Salute to all the students who helped build, paint and create set and props for the upcoming musical on our long work day Sunday, November 18th. Be sure to come and see the musical next week! (Poster below)

    A Solon Salute to MHS graduate (2011) and gold medal winner Amanda Pelkey. Amanda stopped by over the Thanksgiving Break to sign a jersey that will hang at MHS. Thanks Amanda! Thanks also to Mr. Gallagher for facilitating the coordinating the jersey signing!

    A Solon Salute to our MHS Fall Athletic Coaches. With the support of Ms. DiLena (Flexible Pathways) and Mr. Gallagher (P.E.) they helped guide many students through independent study P.E. projects this fall. Ms. DiLena writes, "It's so clear that most learners never lost sight of what they set out to learn and do. The discipline coaches instilled also transfers to their preparedness for their summative meetings. The process has been very impressive."

    A Solon "take care of each other" Salute to Apollonia Tabacco, Daniel Jestes, and Hope Petraro for helping to move and stack firewood for an elder member of our community. Thank you!
    • Dec. 6-8, Fall Musical Production: Once on This Island
    Poster design by senior Randi Carpenter

    November 17, 2018

    2018-19: Week 13

    A Solon Salute to Snow. Its good to see you. 
    This picture was posted on our MHS ART instagram feed. Follow them @mhsartclass

    A Solon Salute to MHS for the good work while we had no internet last Wednesday afternoon too. Here are some photos shared on Ms. Monmaney's Instagram during that time.

    A Solon Salute to The MHS jazz combo Red Clay. This group auditioned and earned the opportunity to participate in the Vermont Jazz Center's Emerging Artist Festival on November 3rd in Brattleboro. They were the only high school combo in a two-day lineup of collegiate and professional ensembles. MHS students included Eleanor Braun, Grace Carlomagno, Mary Margaret Page, Evan Rohan, Neil Rohan, and Charlie Watson. This was a neat day for the MHS students. They got to participate in a professional jazz festival and saw students not much older than themselves pursuing jazz as part of their college experience. 

    A Solon Salute to the students who represented MHS at the 2nd Annual Youth Climate Leaders Academy in Fairlee, VT. We are very proud of this crew. They had a lot of fun over the 2 days, but also learned and did a TON of work. They did a great job. Thank you Saskia, Apollonia, Maple, Ben, Lila, Violet, and Carmen!

    A Solon Salute to Izzy Davis, Marshall Donahue, Jack Lever, Destiney Roberts, Cammi Raymond, and David Lovelette for their help in serving the annual UES Thanksgiving Dinner this week. Well done and thank you! 

    A Solon Salute and thank you to all the Club Action members who went door to door many times throughout the last six weeks encouraging people to vote and registering new voters. Hope Petraro put an incredible amount of time and energy into these efforts and was joined by Nadia Scoppettone, Eliana Moorhead, Callie Dalley, Gavin Corbett-Valade, Leyla Khasiyeva, Lila Markow, Apollonia Tobacco, Loren Stephens, Mae Browning, Alex Smart, Maryann Songhurst, Vega Rodriguez Sanchez, Mikaela Luke-Currier, Savvy Winston, and Libby Peterson. Thank you all for working to strengthen our democracy!

    A Solon Salute to our student leaders who led another edition of The Conversation this past week. Their leadership takes on rape culture and is open to all students during Solon Block several times throughout the year. 

    A Solon Salute to Destiny Roberts, who hand crafted 4 plyometric boxes for Solon Strength and the PE department. As part of her Independent Woodworking class, Destiny has also built a bench that will be used as a prop in the musical, "Once on This Island." Thank you Destiny for your hard work and craftsmanship.

    A Solon Salute to Jordan Allen-Brandon, Callie-Lyn Dalley, Emma Harter, Nadia Scoppettone and Alex Smart, who participated in a panel about how to engage youth in policy decisions at The Voices for Vermont’s Children conference in Stowe this week. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!

    • Nov. 21-25, Thanksgiving Break
    • Dec. 6-8, Fall Musical Production: Once on This Island
    Poster design by senior Randi Carpenter