June 10, 2018

2017-18: Week 41

A Solon Salute to the 40 MHS PLAY Mentors who volunteered their time on a weekly basis to make a difference in the lives of UES and MSMS students. End-of-the-year celebrations took place over the past two weeks, and mentors and mentees came together to celebrate their time together. Thank you all for your time and dedication over the past seven months!
Mentors at UES
Mentors at MSMS

A Solon Salute to Melanie Winters, Cypress Levitt, and Noel Riby-Williams who play girls LAX with U-32. They won the state championship over the weekend! Congratulations on a great season and the big win. 
Photo by Emmanuel Riby-Williams
A Solon Salute to the many people who made the 2018 Senior breakfast and Awards Assembly possible. Special thanks to senior advisors Val Belanger and Heather McLane, the big help and fresh cut flowers from Linda Baker, Mr. Kreitz and the members of the band, and our Food Service Team members who prepared the senior breakfast and the school picnic. Thank you! 
Linda and Val getting the flowers set for the Senior Breakfast
Band prepping for the Award's Assembly
Some seniors enjoying the long picnic lunch
A Solon Salute to Club Action and their advisor Ms. Heather McLane. for hosting the Livelihood Art/Music Festival this past Saturday. Proceeds from the event are being split between two organizations: Spectrum Vermont and the Ibutwa Initiative. Spectrum Vermont supports multiple programs including Riverstone Counseling, Drop-in Center, Supportive Housing, Health Center, Skills Programs, Mentoring, Multicultural Youth Programs, and Detail Works. The Ibutwa Initiative works to bring healthcare and education to the women and children of DR Congo. (Below Photos by Adam Blair).

A Solon Salute to Natalia Volobueva and Susha Benoit. We celebrate their connection between countries and schools. Natalia, a foreign exchange student for the 2017-2018 school year at Montpelier High School, and Susha a soon-to-be MHS freshman (currently at MSMS) have capitalized on an opportunity to shrink the world. Natalia is from Russia and Susha has been studying Russian for many years and hopes to continue her Russian studies next year through the MHS's Flexible Pathways. The two found each other through facilitation by mom of Susha, Olga. Solon Salute to both Natalia and Susha for providing each other unique learning experiences... that look awfully fun! 
Salute from Ms. DiLena

A Solon Salute to the members of the MHS Racial Justice Alliance who recently joined the U-32 community in raising a Black Lives Matter flag at U-32. It is great to see these connections strengthen between our two schools.
Photo shared by Meg Allison

A Solon Salute to Jenna Krussman and Juna Nagle. Jenna and Juna recently served on the superintendent search committee. The committee was a big time commitment and very important. Both Jenna and Juna did an excellent job. Click here to read about incoming superintendent Libby Bonesteel

A Solon Salute to Barb Austin-Hutchins. As Barb "graduates" this year with the class of 2018, MHS had a small celebration last Tuesday. Many faculty members and students helped to pull together the special "graduation" including the below video collection from former students. Thanks to all who pulled the celebration together and an all-time salute to Barb! 
Click on Image to View Video prepared by Myles Chater

**Notice: Lunch Money Reminder**
As the school comes to a close, please be sure to pay any outstanding charges to our school lunch program.

Owl Sculpture Go-Fund-Me:
  • Art teacher Barb Austin-Hutchins is collaborating with MHS alumni Sean Williams to raise money for a 10 foot tall original granite sculpture to be placed in the MHS roundabout. For more details on the project click: "Life is short, art is long.


June 12th: Extended TA for Universal Literacy Assessment

June 12th: Creative Writing Class Public Reading: 7pm to 9pm in the library. All are welcome. 

June 15th: End of Marking Period 8

June 15th: Graduation

June 18th-22nd: Semester 2, Summative Re-Take Week

June 22nd: Step-Up Day for Class of 2022 & Final Day 

Green/White Calendar

  • This summer, June 28th, we are hosting a blood drive at MHS. We are looking for as much support from our community as possible to make it happen. In order to donate blood, you need to be over 16 years old and have parent permission. If you are interested, please contact either Christie Cerere (cecerec@mpsvt.org) or Olivia Hennessey (hennesseyo@mpsvt.org) for more information and to sign up.