April 8, 2018

2017-18: Week 32

A Solon Salute to math teacher, Ms. Kassie Reid. Ms. Reid was honored last week as one of Vermont's transformative and innovative educators--A Vermont IGNITED Educator. Congratulations!

A Solon Salute to senior, Liam Frey. Liam was nominated for the Boys and Girls Club Vermont Youth of Year. Congratulations Liam!

A Solon Salute to the MHS Faculty for their reflective and dedicated work during the morning in-service on April 5th.

A Solon Salute goes out to Vermont State Curator, David Shutz and assistant state curator, Jack Zeilenga. As Community Based Learning mentors for Blake Bailey, David and Jack have generously donated their time, energy and expertise to support Blake's learning goal of, "how the work of a curator impacts our culture and the community." ​​

A Solon Salute to CBL Community Partner, Andy Harper, and his talented team of timber frame builders at Winterwood Timber Frames, LLC. Andy is the owner of Winterwood and he has been engaging Ethan Eldred in really cool timber frame work through Ethan's CBL this semester. Speaking of Ethan, great job, Ethan, with your CBL responsibilities and work at Winterwood. Keep after it. Below is a short segment from Ethan's original CBL Letter of Interest to Andy. It is quite fine when students are exposed to ideas, skills and experiences in their MHS courses and then seek out ways to expand and dive deeper into those emerging curiosities.
  • "I’m intrigued by both the simplicity and natural beauty that are present in timber frame construction. My interest in this style of architecture/building was first introduced to me earlier this year when my woodworking class designed and built a timber frame structure to cover our school's outdoor pizza oven from the natural elements. (We worked with Tyler Strange.) After being given the opportunity to practice and cut joinery, I definitely felt like this was an art that I would love to put my time and effort into learning more about it." 

Special Announcement:
On April 11th, 2018: The Montpelier High School, Solons Robotics Team #14251, will hold an introductory meeting in Room 222 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Students interested in building and programming a robot for an exciting statewide competition are encouraged to attend. Parents are also welcome to learn about the FIRST Robotics program.
  • April 16-20th: Spring Break
  • April 25th: Wednesday, 6:30pm, MHS library: “Managing College Costs” is VSAC new way of looking at college costs and affordability.