October 15, 2017

2017-18: Week 7

A Fall Foliage Salute to Tom Allen for having the eye, foresight, and determination to care for the MPS facility with passion and a mind for sustainable. This tree was next to the apple trees by the side of the building, but it was growing too fast and too strong for its original area. It was transplanted to the new location on Monday. Did anyone else not notice it's new location right away? (From Mr. Chater. Photos provided by Tom Allen).
Original Location
New Location
A Solon Salute to the Boys' Soccer Team who won their game this past Tuesday over GMVS 3-1. Hayden Ellms had two goals and Cole Bingham added the third. 

A Solon Salute to math teacher, Whitney Machnik. Ms. Machnik represented MHS at UVM's Outstanding Teachers' of the Year Ceremony. A well deserved honor. Congratulations Ms. Machnik!
Photo by Dr. Ricca
A Solon Salute to all of the students and staff of MHS. I was proud to have this email sent to me earlier this week. Great job everyone!
  • I recently attended a September Board of Education meeting at Montpelier High School. I arrived with another colleague, never having been inside the school before, we were greeted in a friendly manner by a member of the office staff who gave us directions to the nearest restroom, and to our ultimate destination, the library. Leaving the office, I noted the comfortable chairs in the lobby, tucked away in a cozy section by the stairs, and had a sense of a well-lit, welcoming, student-friendly space. Along the way to our various destinations, a number of students greeted us (without prompting) with a friendly hello, and this practice of saying hello extended even into the women's room! Later, we got a bit turned around when trying to find the right entry into the library, and a member of the staff helped us out without being asked. The friendly atmosphere doesn't happen by accident, I know. I just wanted you to hear from an first time visitor that I left Montpelier High School appreciative of the positive, friendly climate I observed.
  • October 19th: Fall Harvest Celebration All Day, All School Event
  • October 19th: VSAC Paying for College Night at U-32 (5:30 Q & A with Ms. Knauss and Mr. Sather about the college admissions process, & VSAC presentation begins at 6:30 focused on financial aid).
  • November 2nd & 3rd: Conferences