October 9, 2017

2017-18: Week 6

A Solon Salute to all of the volunteers that made this past weekend's FALL FESTIVAL a fun, healthy, and successful event! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend as well!

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A Solon Salute to Mr. Tom Allen for his leadership in getting a new bike rack ordered and installed. We appreciate all of your hard work for MHS!
Photo credit to Matt McLane

A Solon Salute to Tim Noonan, Kasandra Reid, Tim Shea and the rest of the Cross-Country Team for organizing, running, and competing in their meet this past Weds. The meet had over 550 runners and was resounding success. The XC team did great result wise, but it was great to see the captains of the team and other team members step up and assist in the planning and the cleanup of the event. Thank you! (From Athletic Director Matt Link) 

A Solon Salute to the hot sauce for this past week's lunch fajitas. The ingredients were grown at MHS, made at the Food Venture Center in Hardwich by students in the Mr. Sabo's summer program: Food, Farm & Society. It was really hot and really good! 

Solon Sauce will be for sale soon!
A Solon Salute to former Montpelier based Mountaineer's baseball player AJ Pollock. AJ had a big game for the Arizona Diamondbacks in game one of their playoff series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. AJ has many fans at MHS!

NOTICE: Solon Spirit Wear orders will close on Oct 15th! Order yours now so you don't miss out! Please be sure your orders are in by that date if you wish to have your spirit wear in time to beat back the blustery fall and winter days. Perhaps you'd like to order spirit wear as a gift for the holidays. You can place your order and pay on line here: http://bit.ly/2xl7Hud
Just one many styles and options!

  • October 19th: Fall Harvest Celebration All Day, All School Event
  • October 19th: VSAC Paying for College Night at U-32 (5:30 Q & A with Ms. Knauss and Mr. Sather about the college admissions process, & VSAC presentation begins at 6:30 focused on financial aid). 
  • November 2nd & 3rd: Conferences