April 30, 2017

2016-17: Week 35

May 3rd: 3rd Annual Exhibition Day
  • There are no regularly scheduled classes this coming Wednesday. Instead, 9th & 10th graders will be participating in exhibition day. This is one day out of the year to take a moment to stop and reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. Many 11th & 12th graders will have AP exams or study sessions on May 3rd as well. Juniors can also use this time to prepare for their exhibition (Junior-Year Rubric) which they have been asked to schedule on their own before the end of the year. School lunch will be served

A Solon Salute to our fourth grade "jumping beans" and their UES teacher, MJ. This group of outstanding fourth grades came over to MHS to demonstrate their amazing jump rope students followed by a Q &A with MHS PE classes. (From Brian Gallagher and Carolyn Kiniry) 

A Solon Salute to Grace Carlomagno. Grace spends much of her time deeply involved in her music, playing, singing, composing.  Outside of her school days, she works with her teacher-mentor and independently to develop her skills and composition process. For pursuit of her passion with enthusiasm, for dogged persistence to reach her goals, and for having her composition "Traffic Lights" selected for Opus 32 (one of 26 selected from over 100 submitted), MHS salutes Grace! (Submitted by Steph DiLena, Flexible Pathways Advisor.)

A Solon Salute to Joshua Jelly Schapiro for his visit to MHS this past week. Josh provided a short, full-school assembly where he talked about his path from MHS graduate to published author. He also spent 2nd block with a group of available and interested MHS students discussing, travel, education, writing, and more. Thank you! 

Josh and Mr. Bate. Mr. Bate told Josh, "You did good kid."
A Solon Salute to 12th grader Charlotte Brace. Charlotte recently was chosen as the 1st place winner in the Be Money Wi$e Poster Contest. Congratulations Charlotte! 

Junior Prom, May 6th (8pm to 12am) Galaxy
We are looking forward to the fun and excitement that goes along with junior prom. There will be door prizes throughout the night, a photobooth, snacks, and a DJ throughout the night. Prom is held at National Life and tickets will be available throughout the week. 

  • Additional Exhibition Prep Sessions During Lunch  May 1st & 2nd: Mr. McRaith will be offering exhibition prep sessions (rubric). If you would like more support in knowing what the expectation is and some guided work time, come to the MacLab during lunch.
  • May 2nd: AP Computer Science & AP Spanish Exams 
  • May 2nd Evening: Jazz Concert & Band ConcertMay  
  • May 3rd: Exhibition and AP English Exam 
  • May 5th: AP U.S. History Exam 
  • May 6th: SATs (Saturday) 
  • May 6th: Galaxy-Junior Prom  
  • May 8th: AP Biology Exam 
  • May 9th: AP Calculus Exam
  • May 11th: AP Statistics Exam
  • May 11th-13th: All State Music Festival
  • May 15th: OPUS Concert 
  • May 16th: End of Marking Period 7
  • May 23rd Evening: MHS/MSMS Choral Band Concert 
  • May 25th: Art Show