January 8, 2017

2016-17: Week 19

A Solon Salute to Jeremy Hoyne Grosvenor, this time for not just holding the state's fastest time, but the nation's fastest time in the 3k! In last weekend's indoor meet held at Boston University, Jeremy ran the 3k in just 8:32:71. This is the fastest time posted this year for high schoolers in the nation. Incredible! We salute you Jeremy! (For all results)
A Solon Salute to all of our Community Based Learning (CBL) students, the CBL staff, Sarah Loveless, Katrina Phillips, Bill Laidlaw, and Matt McLane who are in the middle of completing their semester's experience with exhibition presentations. And a special salute to all of our community partners who hosted nearly 70 students this semester.

If you have not had a chance to enjoy one of these experiences, allow me (Mr. McRaith) to describe to you some of what I saw this week. In an 80 minute period I saw 5 students present their semester's learning in Community Based Learning. Of the five presentations I saw, the following institutions had hosted our students:
  • 2 local law offices
  • 1 local tire shop
  • 1 local bike store
  • 1 local aromatherapist
  • 1 local university (UVM)
  • 1 local gymnastic's gym 
The willingness of our broader community to help our students explore their interests and gain some invaluable off-site learning is so generous and important for students. We strongly appreciate these community partners. And the students that I saw present this week were also pretty darn impressive! They were poised and professional in their presentation, deep in their personal reflection, and quick to recognize the generosity that their community partner had shown. In just 80 short minutes, I heard many quotes like the following, "It make me realize everything you do is connected to everyone else," and "I really want to keep going farther with this learning" and "I saw how much hard work running your own business is". Fantastic work everyone, we salute you! (Pictures Below)

A Solon Salute to David Ackerson for assisting a student in PE class with a skill they were struggling with and being very patient! (From Mr. Gallagher)

A Solon Salute to Callie-Lyn Dalley, MaryAnn Songhurst, Christianna Cecere, Katie Gibson-Davis and Lillian Curtin for volunteering to provide childcare at Saturday evening's community forum. Great demonstration of citizenship, we salute you!

A Solon Salute to the Solon/Wall TA for winning the ShoeBox Challenge!

A Solon Salute to coach Jerry Tillotson and The Montpelier High School Scholars' Bowl Teams for their continued success at this past Friday's regional hosted by Champlain Valley Union. The MHS B Team, made up of Anders Shenholm, Emma Harter, Cole Bingham, and Henry Jones, compiled a very respectable 4-1 record on the day coming in second behind Champlain Valley. Their average margin of victory over Mt. Mansfield, Essex, Spaulding, and Burlington was just over 50 points. Graham Janson, Rachel Sucher, Clayton Winters, and Matt Koucky tied for third in a field of 14 teams with a 3-2 record, finishing behind Middlebury, Essex, and Champlain Valley. Next up for the Montpelier Scholars' Bowl teams will be the state playoffs to be hosted by MHS on Saturday, Jan. 28.

A Solon Salute to Connor Barrett for his game winning goal and to the boys' hockey team in their recent win

A Solon Salute to the boys' basketball team for their exciting home win this week!

A Solon Salute to MHS extended community member Dan Gowans who works as a police officer in the Ft. Lauderdale area. He was in the midst of helping people move to safety during the recent airport shooting there. Thank you Dan for your bravery and service. 

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