December 23, 2016

2016-17: Week 17

A Solon Salute to Cailin O'Hara and the chorus students who provided some caroling this week. Beautifully done! (Thank you to Jen Wall-Howard, and Sarah Loveless for the pictures and Sue Monmaney for the video).

A Solon Salute to Ms. Heather McLane, Club Action and the Interact Club for their work in leading the shoebox drive. They write, "We are so grateful to the MHS community for your donations to the shoebox drive. We were hoping to get two shoeboxes full of items and instead ended up collecting approximately 15 shoeboxes holding around 140 items. We were so touched to see the thoughtful, quality gifts that were donated. Your contributions have already warmed our hearts and will no doubt do the same for the elderly recipients. Thank you to everyone who donated items and to all of the members of Club Action and the Interact Club for helping with the drive. Special thanks to Matt Koucky, Brynn Bushey, and Izzy Maine-Torres for your contributions. (The winning TA was Wall/Solon with Loveless in second place.)

A Solon Salute to Ruby Jennings for her gift wrapping talents! (From Mr. Laidlaw). 

A Solon Salute to the Solon Strength Crew: Aidan Casner, Anders Shenlhom, Jordon Allen-Brandon, Cole Bingham, Richard Holt, Zak Grupp, Andrew Holt, Eleanor Braun, Nick Gamble, Izac Rakor, Davor Vukoja, Reed Browning. These athletes have demonstrated grit, dedication, and perseverance for the past 4 weeks in the weight room. Their abilities to push themselves and each other is truly inspiring (From Mr. Laidlaw).