September 11, 2016

2016-17: Week 2

A Solon Salute to Emma Bay-Hansen and the Class of 1996 for their donation to MHS students in need. When the class of 1996 recently celebrated their 20 year class reunion they decided to donate their remaining funds back to the school. Thank you so much, we salute you!

A Solon Salute to Betty Hammond and all of the MHS kitchen staff for their flexibility with last minute requests, schedule changes, and all around hard work with a smile. We greatly appreciate it and salute you

A Solon Salute to Clean Team member John Balzanelli, who is always a cheerful face at the end of a long day, who keeps the classrooms spic and span, and who notices how our students are doing. Thanks, John, for keeping an eye out for all of us (from Kerrin McCadden). 

A Solon Salute to the Girls Varsity Soccer Team who came back from 0-2 at half to win 3-2 on Saturday. Congrats to Mary Wilcox, Lily Fournier, Bella Parento on their 2nd half goals. Click here to read the Times Argus article.
Check out Clayton's great video of Mary's Goal on twitter!

A Solon Salute to all of our Cross-Country Runners over the weekend at the Burlington Invitational. Jeremy Hoyne-Grosvenor finished 1st overall with a big lead over the 2nd place finisher and Matt Hynes, Avery Paull, Danny Bruce, and Asa Richardson-Skinder represented the MHS' top five boys to finish 3rd as a team. The girls' placed 5th overall as team with Holly Gordon, Theresa Noonan, Meredith Stetter, Sarah Rose, and Casarah Acosta representing our top five runners.

Upcoming: Around 35 MHS students will be participating in the annual river-clean-up event this Friday, September 16th. 

Upcoming: Tuesday, September 20th we will hold the MHS club fair in the auditorium. Here is the adjusted scheduled for September 20th

Upcoming: MHS Open House, September 22nd: 6:30-8:30pm, meet in the auditorium. 

Please Note: The Fall Harvest Celebration has been moved from Friday Oct. 21st to Friday Oct 28th