May 1, 2016

Week 35

**A Reminder that Tuesday, May 3rd is Exhibition Day at MHS. Many juniors and seniors have AP exams (Spanish/Computer Science) or will be studying for upcoming AP exams, while all 9th and 10th graders have appointments with their advisors to conduct their exhibition. There are no regularly scheduled classes.

The QSA would like to thank the six teachers who graciously volunteered to get a pie thrown in their face to raise money for QSA's big summit and prom in May. Mr. Bromley, Mr. Chater, Ms. Howe, Mr. Parker, Ms. Squier and Mr. Tillitson were the brave volunteers. MHS students voted with their dollars to see Mr. Tillitson win the honor! We raised $152, which will go to support the statewide Queer and Allied Youth Summit which MHS and U32 are co-hosting on May 14th. Over 200 queer and allied youth from all over Vermont will gather in Montpelier. On their behalf, thanks for your generosity and support!


A Solon Salute to the MHS Earth Group for their work to help around 100 MHS students participate in the Vermont Youth Lobby's rally for the planet. This event was student created and organized with collaboraters from around the state. An estimated 700 students from around the state took part in the rally.

A Solon Salute and congratulations to Anna Scoppettone and Rachel Zimet on having their musical compositions featured at Music-COMP's Opus 31 concert on April 27th. Their works were selected for live performance by professional musicians at the Elley-Long Music Center in Colchester. The concert featured original works by 26 young composers from all over Vermont and beyond. 

A Solon Salute to senior Lilly Smith who is getting started on a new mural for the MHS hallway. Thanks for taking on this challenge and helping to leave a legacy Lilly! 


A Solon Salute to Barb Austin-Hutchins and all the art students featured in this year's Student Art Show May 2nd-29th 2016 at Helen Day Art Center, Stowe
Montpelier High School Art Students Exhibiting:
  • Miles Rapaport “Metal Bird”, recycled metal
  • Ivan Jerman “Steampunk”, clay
  • Henry Valentine “Steampunk”, clay
  • Luke Hawley Steampunk”, clay
  • Helen Sawyer “Steampunk”, clay
  • Levi Bevin “Metal Bird”, recycled metal
  • Amber Pagani “4x4 Self portrait”, latex
  • Bre Morway “Cold Connection Bird”, recycled metal
  • Kaia Garland “Dia De Los Muertos”, recycled materials
  • Amanda Adams “Tiger, In Style of”, acrylic
  • Maddie Naylor “Sequential Art”, marker
  • Evan Lewis “Hood Museum Entrance”, oil
  • Katie Gibson Davis “Polar Bear”, glass/acrylic
  • Adam Blair “Caserta”, B&W Photo
  • Mackie Naylor “Marble Bust“, linoleum block print
  • Lillian Smith “Space Puddle“, computer assisted
  • Zeb Cousins-Joyce “Cathedral”, scratch art
  • Maralina Moore “Mushroom Forest”, scratch art
  • Sophie Currier “ Still Life”, pastels
  • Jordan Allen Brandon “Portrait “, acrylic
  • Lyvia Bashara “Camels”, acrylic

A Solon Salute to all of the juniors, Barb Austin-Hutchins and the outstanding prom committee who worked so hard to help make the night beautiful. We salute you! (And thanks to chaperones Madame Myotte, Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Chabot, Ms. DiLena, and Ms. Machnik).


A Solon Salute to Brynn Bushey who volunteered with a small group from Montpelier in Haiti. Brynn helped in a hospital, schools, and an orphanage. She also brought a large suitcase full of donated supplies from the Montpelier High School school community. Great job Brynn, we salute you! 
Photo Apr 20.jpeg