April 24, 2016

Week 34

Dear MHS,

Welcome back from spring break. Here is a look ahead:
  • Thursday, April 28th: Rally for the Planet (participating students will attend a field trip organized by our MHS Earth Group).

  • Saturday, April 30th: Junior Prom: A Black & White Gala (8pm to 12am) at National Life
  • May 3rd (Tuesday) 2nd ANNUAL EXHIBITION DAY 
    • Students will not have regular school hours on May 3rd. Instead, all 9th and 10th graders will be required to schedule a 30-minute exhibition time with their teacher advisor. Parents/Guardians will be invited and encouraged to attend when possible, as well as anyone else the individual student may wish to invite. 11th and 12th graders participating in AP exams may have exams or additional prep time with their given instructors on May 3rd. Some 30 minute exhibitions may be scheduled after school hours to accommodate individual student and family schedules. This time is dedicated to building purposeful reflection, planning, and showcasing of learning into the high school experience at MHS. 
  • May 3rd: AP Spanish and Computer Science Exams
  • May 4th: AP English Exam
  • May 5th: AP Calculus Exam
  • May 5th-May 7th: All State Music Festival for qualifying music students
  • May 6th: AP U.S. History Exam
  • May 7th: (SATs on Saturday)
  • May 9th: AP Biology Exam
  • May 12th: AP Statistics Exam