April 17, 2016

Week 33

A Solon Salute to Erin Sullivan, Samantha Murray, Izzy Banse, Brynn Bushey, Evan Lewis, Willow Forbes, Claire Fraser, and Maya Facciolo for representing MHS so well in the recent Teen-Jazz performance.

A Solon Salute to MHS alumnus Sean O'Regan. He took his passion for sports into coaching and was just promoted to Head Basketball Coach at James Madison! (From Mr. Gallagher).

The WALLS team owes an enormous, inclusive THANK YOU to all of MHS for the support, energy, flexibility, and resources that everyone gave us. We were running as fast as we could, so when something we hadn't predicted came up we often (REALLY often) had to ask for help from our MHS colleagues. Every single time we asked, people said "Yes!" -- it was remarkable. I am afraid of leaving out a crucial person, and no doubt I will -- but truly -- the whole school deserves a huge round of applause. Special thanks go to Tom Allen and John of the Astoundingly Helpful CleanTeam; Jason Miles and Sam Bromley for huge generosity of time and materials in building the giant cubes; Sue Monmaney for consistent, graceful support and flexibility; Val for her unwavering kindness and help, even when we didn't know what to ask for; Brian Gallagher and Carolyn Kiniry for letting us usurp the gym with no notice; Jen Wall for noticing when I was about to break and lending me her tape dispenser (it saved everything); and BARB, the Artist with the Mostest, every....single.....time.  THAT WOMAN -- a Montpelier treasure, friends. She must never be allowed to retire. I know I've forgotten someone crucial, and the fault is mine. THANK YOU, MHS! Happy, happy vacation! (From Ms. Sarah Squier).

A Solon Salute to Science/Math Teacher, Ms. Anne Watson. Anne is currently on a grant funded (Rowland Foundation) project to build upon Montpelier High School's international student population. This picture was taken of Anne representing MHS in Oslo Norway at an international school/student fair. Thanks for representing MHS so well, we salute you! 

Here is a "salute" from the PoemCity Montpelier Project. Thanks Jason, Barb, Matt, and all participating students!


A Solon Salute to all of the students and all of the adults who pitched in to make the SBAC testing and PLP workshops run smoothly.

  • Betty Hammond for providing breakfast for the testing juniors.

  • Juniors for sticking it out and giving SBAC their best!

  • Freshmen and sophomores working diligently and creatively on their PLPs.

  • I started listing the staff who helped, and then realized I'd be listing everyone -- whether organizing the Walls project, administering a test, running a PLP workshop, floating and helping out as needed -- all staff pitched in and helped. Thank you!

  • Random acts of helping were also appreciated -- like Mikayla Flynn covering the library desk during an especially busy transition, handling questions with ease and confidence, or students and staff helping to distribute and return laptops and carts. (From Ms. Monmaney).