January 31, 2016

Week 22

A Solon Salute to Colin Desch. As Ms. Watson writes, "Tonight I went to the VSO Farmer's Night performance at the statehouse, which featured the world premiere of a piece composed by our very own Colin Desch. Hilary Goldblatt was also there and gave Colin a brief introduction. The piece was lovely, entertaining, full of imagery, and was musically interesting. I was not surprised when he received a standing ovation!" 

A Solon Salute to Sampson Ackerman and Emery Brush for their outstanding efforts on the mid-term exams in film class. (from Mr. Miller-Arsenault)

A Solon Salute to Sampson Ackerman and Alvaro de C√≥rdoba who each had 22 points in a recent boys' basketball win. The team has a big home game coming up this Wednesday at 7:30pm versus Harwood. 

A Solon Salute to Oliver Cattaneo. Times-Argus Athlete of the Week!

A Solon Salute to Jackson Marko and Christopher Ebersole, for working constantly to have equipment running smoothly, sound adjusted, microphones available, and figuring out all the tech for the screening of The Hungry Heart and discussion. Also a Salute to Jacob Bee Ho Brown for help with set up and clean up to get materials carried out. (From Ann Gilbert).

Upcoming: February 13th:

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