January 10, 2016

Week 19

This week is Mid-Term Exam week at MHS. For details of the schedule click the following link:
Tuesday (1/19/16), 6:30pm, The Hungry Heart will be shown with support from MSMS Parent Advisory Group, MHS Boosters, and CVNDC.  

A Solon Salute to Colin Desch. Colin will have an original composition played by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra on 1-27-16, for the Farmer's Night at the Vermont State House. Click here to view more. Great job Colin, we salute you!


A Solon Salute to Nick Gambill for his excellent radio program on WDGR called Sunday Afternoon Training. Listen live or to the linked archive page. Nick's time with WDGR is apart of his Community Based Learning. 


A Solon Salute to author and illustrator Gareth Hinds for spending the day with MHS students. A Solon Salute to Mrs. Monmaney for her continued to work to bring in great presenters. Classes throughout the day visited Gareth in the library to view his presentation and then practice some drawings of their own. Gareth is a well known for his work with graphic novels: click here to view his work

Lucas Prendergast tries out the sketching practice

A Solon Salute to the Robo-Raiders and the MHS teammates: William and Daniel Jestes, Kirby Gordon, & Robert Barlow. After their strong season last year, their year got underway this weekend at a UVM scrimmage.