September 13, 2015

Week 3

A big Solon Salute goes out to all of the staff and students for holding up well through the heat in the first two weeks of school. I think we will have a few more days in the 80s and then the refreshing breeze of autumn will be upon us. The upstairs classrooms were really very hot, and although we did drag a bit, for the most part everyone took the heat in stride.

A Solon Salute to Anna Scoppettone who was featured on VPR Classical as the Student Composer of the month! You can listen online to hear Anna's interview and two of her compositions.


A Solon Salute to Barb Austin Hutchins who recently opened a twitter account and has been featuring student learning ever since!


A Solon Salute to the veggies (& fruit) coming out of the garden this week! (Thanks for the photo Isaac).