August 23, 2015

Preparing for the Start of 2015/16

Fall Sports
The fall sports' teams are busy preparing for the official start of the season. They have been waking up early and practicing late into the evenings to avoid the heat of August. It is wonderful to see their dedication. We look forward to cheering the cross country, field hockey, and soccer teams on this fall. Click here to view the athletic calendar.

The Library Has New Tables
In this photo, Sue Monmaney shows off the new modern work-stations in the library. These high table platforms will work well for students using laptops and tablets. The tables were ordered and customized by Sue and her family to perfectly fit the MHS library. Sue is the library media specialist and the educational technology specialist. This thoughtful addition to the library is reflective of the high traffic within the library as well as the need for tech-sensitive room design. 

The Clean Team Has the School Looking Great
The Clean Team has been working very hard this summer. Here is a picture that indicates all the work that happens over the summer to keep the building maintained and ready to go for the first day of school. A big thanks to Tom, Rob, Jon, Bob, and Bill for all of their excellent work throughout the heat of the summer. We truly appreciate the work you do to create a clean and safe place of optimal learning!

New Teacher Orientation
New teacher orientation took place on August 20th. The picture features our Director of Technology and Curriculum, Mike Martin, guiding some reflective thinking on teaching and learning. It was nice to do some of the work while soaking up valuable Vitamin D and getting the blood flowing with a short walk. MHS welcomes:  Joseph Carroll - Latin Teacher, Chandrakala Cranse - Nurse Long-Term Sub (Fridays), Trees-ah Elder - Nurse Long-Term Sub (Mondays - Thursdays), Kasandra Howe - Math Teacher, Sarah Loveless - Community Service Coordinator, Josh Morse-Spanish Long-Term Sub, Henry Murray-IA from MSMS to MHS, CharlieDan Sheffy - English Long-Term Sub, Helene Steinberg - Special Educator & Eileen Wildman - Physics Long-Term Sub.

Sue Abrams, Honored by the President
In the previous Solon Salutes, I mentioned that our own Sue Abrams was being honored on a national level for her work as an outstanding math teacher. I'm happy to share the picture! Sue is just left of the president in this photo. Congratulations again Sue!