April 29, 2018

2017-18: Week 35

A Solon Salute to the MHS QSA. The QSA provided a heartfelt and informational whole school assembly on Thursday in preparation for Friday's Day of Silence. Thank you for your planning, leadership, and dedication to building a safe learning environment for all. A special salute to 9th grader Eliana Moorhead for the personal, powerful, and inspired speech that was so well received by the school community. And thank you also to Sylvia Fagin, Julie Morton, and Sue Monmaney for their leadership. We salute you!

A Solon Salute to CBL Community Partners Ian Downing (MHS Class of 2005) and Gordie Eurich - owners of SlopeStyle Ski and Ride. And a Salute to Brecken Shea for his positive and growing CBL learning experiences at SlopeStyle this semester. As local and community minded business owners, Ian and Gordie have been longstanding and reliably outstanding CBL Community Partners for over a decade for MHS students. (Ian actually did his CBL with Gordie when he was an MHS student in the early 2000s. Cool.) Ian, Gordie and the entire SlopeStyle team have mentored, engaged, inspired, and employed many MHS students over the years and for that we Salute you both. Thanks!

A Solon Salute to the MHS Jazz Combos who performed with George Voland at Bagitos last Wednesday. 

  • May 5th: SATs Saturday morning
  • May 5th: Prom
  • Soap Sale: Applied Chemistry students will be selling their class made soap in the lobby in early May. Orders will also be available at https://solonsoap.weebly.com/

Full Spring Outlook 2018 (Full Letter and Links)
SBACs: English: 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3 (Grade 9 only)

May 5th: SATs (Saturday morning)
May 5th: Prom
May 8th: AP Spanish Exam
May 9th: AP English Exam
May 11th: AP U.S. History Exam
May 10th-12th: All State Music Festival
May 14th: AP Biology Exam
May 15th: AP Calculus Exam
May 15th: AP Computer Science Exam
May 16th: End of Marking Period 7
May 17th: AP Statistics Exam
SBACs: Math: 5/17, 5/18, 5/21, 5/22 (Grade 9 only)
May 18th: Racial Justice Alliance—Movie Night
May 22nd: Spring Concert
May 23rd: Annual Art Show
May 24th: Student Led-Conferences for grades, 9, 10, & 12
May 24th: NGSS Science Assessment for grade 11
May 28th: Memorial Day

June 1st: Music of Color-School Dance
June 2nd: SATs (Saturday morning)
June 7th: Masque Talent Show

June 8th: Awards Assembly
June 9th: Livelihood Music Festival hosted by Club Action (pending)
June 15th: End of Marking Period 8
June 15th: Graduation
June 18th-21st: Semester 2, Summative Re-Take Week
June 22nd: Step-Up Day for Class of 2022 & Final Day