October 16, 2016

2016-17: Week 7

Coming Up:
  • This is a very full week for sports: MHS athletics calendar.
  • Fall Harvest Celebration: Oct. 28th
  • End of Marking Period 2: Nov. 2nd
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: Nov. 3rd (PM only) & 4th. 
A Solon Salute to Barb Austin-Hutchins and the students from all of her classes who spent time carving pumpkins for the annual Enchanted Forest event this past weekend. We salute you! (From Matt McLane)

A Solon Salute to Guidance Counselor Lissa Knauss. Lissa was selected to represent MHS at the UVM Outstanding Teachers Award Ceremony this week. Congratulations Lissa, your dedication and positive support of students inspires us, we salute you!  
A Solon Salute to our Harwood friends and a thanks to all of our learning community members that sent their heart-felt support this week and beyond. Amy Rex, co-principal at Harwood was in contact with MHS a couple of times this past week and expressed her gratitude for all of the solidarity-from the cookies, supportive signs, attending and cheering at games, participating in the walk through town, and all the other little ways we have been working to support one another. Also a special salute Beavin and Sons for their generous donation of the Harwood Strong window clings (see picture below). Hundreds of these were donated directly to Harwood and others can be purchased at MHS with all proceeds going to the families: The "Five Families Fund." HOW TO DONATE FOR OUR FIVE FAMILIES: Mad River Valley Community Fund.

Banner made by MHS Field Hockey Team

These window clings can be purchased at MHS with all proceeds going to the "Five Families" Fund