December 6, 2015

Week 15

A Solon Salute to all the students and staff who have been participating in #bekindmps and generally showing kindness to one another. It is not as easy as it sounds! Below is a short video to encourage your kindness and this quote from an article on theories of kindness:
"The original meaning of & longing for kindness has been calcified by our impulse for armoring & self-protection."   

Speaking of Kindness, A Solon Salute to Maggie Nowlan Maggie took it upon herself (!!) this week to pull together a coat and blanket drive for the Syrian refugees. The donations will be part of a state-wide and national campaign to send over these much needed items. Thank you to everyone who donated blankets and coats. Maggie, great job, we salute you!

A Solon Salute to Willow Forbes who is representing MHS as one of only 15 U.S. Presidential Scholar Nominees from Vermont. Congratulations Willow, we salute you!

A Solon Salute to the the Computer Science classes that will be hosting the upcoming Hour of Code. Great job on this poster Jackson Markow, we salute you!

A Solon Salute to all of our award winning athletes and coaches from this fall. We salute you! 
 Fall Sports Awards