October 4, 2015

Week 6

A Solon Salute to English teacher, Kerrin McCadden, who won the Vermont Book Award 2015!

A Solon Salute to Clean Team members Bill and Rob for quickly attending to a leak in the library ceiling, and to Chris Ebersole and Ben Crane for quickly shifting books to empty a set of shelves directly under the leak. Phew! -Sue Monmaney

A Solon Salute to the faculty who donated to our local domestic abuse shelter. Here is a note from one of their board members: "I stopped by the high school this afternoon and picked up the items in the Circle donation box. Contributions were exactly what we need! Please thank the faculty members and staff for me." 

A Solon Salute and big thank you to Steve Hinds, MHS parent and volunteer, for bringing interesting, multi-dimensional problems to Geometry classes a couple times a month. -Sue Abrams

A Solon Salute to Ivan Jermyn for his contributions to the this week's event on  the state house lawn. The event featured about 150,000 spoons in the lawn to represent all the Vermonter's that experience food insecurity. Ivan provided an interactive art piece that gathered donations for the event. This picture shows Ivan's art piece and how much Governor Shumlin appreciates the work!

Another Solon Salute to art teacher, Barb Austin Hutchins on Twitter. If you haven't taken the opportunity to check out Barb's photos of all the student learning, including two recent field trips to art museums...you're missing out. Here is just one of her great photos from the recent trips to the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College and the Kent Museum in Calais. 

A Solon Salute to the 50+ students who volunteered for our annual phone-a-thon. A special shout out to all faculty and staff who helped promote the event and encouraged kids to volunteer ( or who didn't give homework Thurs night!) A super special shout out to Myles Chater who made the rounds and kept the peace. 100% of the proceeds benefit academic and co- curricular activities Thanks for supporting MHS! -Boosters' Club


A Solon Salute to Nadia Scoppettone and Eleanor Braun for doing a fantastic job facilitating the middle level "Getting to 'Y' training. They participated in this training as 7th graders. I am super proud of them! -Mrs. Arnold

A Solon Salute to Mr. Bromley, Mrs. Ceckler and the entire 9th grade class went to Lessor's Quarry in South Hero VT and Salmon Hole in Burlington VT to view a variety of geologic features.

And finally, a Solon Salute to this tomato from the garden. You were delicious.